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Articles related to Judaism
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Sourdough Double Chocolate Muffins
I've recently made up my mind to give sourdough another shot, after I miserably failed at it a...
By Tayla Roy 2022-05-05 01:03:03 0 2267
Whole Wheat Bread
Bread has been the staple of most of the world's diet for centuries- naan, bannocks, potato...
By Tayla Roy 2022-04-29 21:39:45 2 2374
Japanese Quail vs. Chickens for the Homestead
I thought I would give my experience raising Japanese quail and compare that with raising...
By Jacob Eben 2022-05-05 16:27:07 2 2194
Copycat Cheeseburger Hamburger Helper
This dish is one of my absolute favorites. It's one of those lunches I can throw together quickly...
By Tayla Roy 2022-07-06 20:21:17 0 1219
Pepper Gravy
Gravy is a staple in most southern homes, and I grew up on many varieties. Chocolate gravy,...
By Tayla Roy 2022-06-27 17:00:21 1 1375