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Does Forgiveness Require Death?
In the New Testament book of Hebrews, we find this well known Christian assertion: Indeed...
By Troy Leaver 2017-08-01 16:05:00 0 805
Paul the False Apostle
It seems that many adherents of the New Testament fail to notice that it contains competing,...
By Troy Leaver 2017-07-28 17:34:00 0 1216
The Christian New Covenant Problem
A foundational principle of Christianity is the claim that a new covenant was instituted by...
By Troy Leaver 2017-07-27 16:21:00 0 839
The Wool Over Your Eyes
The idiom “pulling the wool over your eyes” has its origins in America, but its...
By Troy Leaver 2020-08-25 09:55:00 0 938
The Problem with Christian Holidays
25 years before my deeper study of the scriptures prompted me to leave the church, I had already...
By Troy Leaver 2017-07-31 07:29:00 0 823