Homemade yogurt is something that intimidated me for a long time. I had friends who made it in a crockpot, friends who used an instant pot, and one friend who used a special proofing setting on her oven. It all seemed so complicated to me so I just continued buying it from the store. However one day my neighbor told me she was surprised I did not make homemade yogurt since I made so many other things from scratch, because yogurt was incredibly easy. After that day I decided to give it a shot. I came across this recipe and, since it did not require any special contraptions or buttons, I made it. All it took was that first time for me to become hooked! Now I make yogurt at least once per month. I make a big half gallon at a time and it keeps in the fridge for a long time.

Since this yogurt takes 14+ hours to do its thing, I usually start it around 2pm and let it sit overnight. I wrap it in a towel, put it in my cold oven, then shut the door and leave the oven light on overnight. When I wake up at 6am it's ready to go in the fridge. That little bit of heat from the light makes it the perfect temperature for the yogurt to set. Once you use almost all the yogurt up, just leave a little at the bottom of the container to use as "starter" for your next batch. Easy peasy!

Now for my favorite ways to use the yogurt. My #1 favorite way to use this yogurt is in baking. I add some to muffins to make them moist! You can use it in place of sour cream in some recipes. I also like to buy the frozen sugared strawberries in their juice to mix in for the kids. We also really like vanilla Greek yogurt, but it's pretty high in sugar. My husband came up with the idea of mixing half vanilla Greek yogurt from the store with half of my homemade yogurt and he says it is the perfect amount of healthy and sweet.

Homemade yogurt is way cheaper than buying it from the store, and you are in control of the quality of the ingredients you use. I have made this yogurt from raw milk from a local farm, and I've also used storebought milk. This recipe is so easy and almost foolproof. In fact, I've even let the milk get too hot and come to a small boil before and it still turned out fine! Don't be intimidated like me. Give this recipe a try!